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Warning: ini_set dl pfsockopen openlog syslog readlink symlink link leak fsockopen proc_open glob copy() has been disabled for security reasons in /3w/unas.cz/t/thewar/sites/default/settings.php on line 127

Database configuration
The following error must be resolved before you can continue the installation process:
We were able to connect to the MySQL database server (which means your username and password are valid) but not able to select your database. MySQL reports the following message: Incorrect database name 'mysql.webzdarma.cz'.
Are you sure you have the correct database name?
Are you sure the database exists?
Are you sure the username has permission to access the database?
For more help, see the Installation and upgrading handbook. If you are unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your hosting provider.
Basic options
To set up your Drupal database, enter the following information.

Database name: *

The name of the mysql database your Drupal data will be stored in. It must exist on your server before Drupal can be installed.
Database username: *

Database password:

Ako to mam vyplnit???
Database name: *webzdarma.wz.cz
Database username: *thewar
Database password: mojeheslo


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musis si vytvorit databazu v ktorej budu dane tabulky, vytvor ju cez prislusneho phpmyadmina

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